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What do we do?

JRTEC is a company that helps its clients turn their ideas into technology products and services in a fast and efficient way. We specialize in facilitating the transfer and use of disruptive technologies, and aim to promote technology transformation, particularly in the insurance industry. 

Our services


Our consultancy services provide our clients with an alternative perspective on their projects, allowing us to offer technical and feasibility support to help them achieve their goals.

Customize and monitoring

Our development services provide valuable support to our clients by helping them transform their ideas into prototypes, enabling them to quickly test and validate their concepts.

Research and development

Our team combines software expertise with cutting-edge technology like NLU (Natural Language Understanding) to offer innovative solutions to our clients.

Our expertise

Mobile app development

Mobile apps are important for streamlining and automating business processes, improving customer engagement, increasing revenue, and enhancing brand visibility in today’s digital market.

Dashboard & Backoffice Design

They help to improve business efficiency, communication, and decision-making by providing a centralized platform for managing and monitoring operations.

Natural language processing applications

Natural language processing (NLP) enhances business applications by enabling computers to understand and analyze human language, improving communication and automation.

What people think about us?

"The JRTEC team has shown a remarkable professionalism and capacity of adaptability to the requirements requested by AIG-Metropolitana, They have always offered continuous support and have demonstrated a high level of dynamism. I like the active communication that JRTEC has with our organization. The creativity and ingenuity of its team generate an added value to each proposed development, providing reliability in the implementation of innovative technological solutions."
Gabriela Vaca
Project coordinator at AIG-Metropolitana

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